Build a Portfolio: 40 Practical Projects in Photoshop

Create beautiful catalogues, Printed Banners, Instagram & Facebook Graphics, Cards, CVs, Newsletters, and more!

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  • Duration 14 hours
  • Skill level All levels
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  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes

Learn to create

For your job. For your business. For you!


Progressive Difficulty

We’ll take it slow and learn to use Photoshop as a complete beginner.

Instant Help via Live Chat

It's ok to get stuck! Get answers fast through live chat so you can keep going.

Unlimited Access

14 hours of premium training that's always available. Learn at your own pace.

Learn By Doing

Learn Photoshop through fun exercises, challenges, and activities.

Learn From An Expert

Chris Barin is an Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor & Expert.

Real-World Projects

Design awesome portfolio-ready projects that attract clients.

Get 10 hours of one-on-one training with me! Design techniques, detailed reviews or conversations about anything design related!

3-in-1 courses

Learn Photoshop, Graphic Design, Build A Portfolio

all projects optimizat
  • Clickable Facebook Ads;
  • Landing pages that convert;
  • Instagram Posts that will get you tons of likes;
  • Youtube Thumbnails that will get you clicks;
  • Newsletters with great open-rates;
  • CVs that will get you hired or promoted;
  • Website designs that impress;
  • Business cards for a lasting impression;
  • Image manipulation for that WOW factor;
  • Printed materials for increased sales B2C;
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make money from photoshop

I'll teach you how I used Photoshop to create a reliable income source.

Photoshop has changed my life!

I was a door-to-door sales agent living with my parents in a crowded apartment. I tried many ways to make some extra money and I failed every time. I was disappointed and frustrated.


I started learning Photoshop from various tutorials and I began to create website designs on In short, I was awesome at it. I made over $50,000 by creating websites in Photoshop.


I then started a mobile app design studio. I led a team of 20 people, mostly designers, and we created beautiful personalization apps. Those brought me over 120 million downloads and $750,000.


I’m telling you all this for one reason: you can create value through Photoshop and make a lot of money by designing. Whether it’s Facebook ads, websites, mobile apps, or graphic design in general, YOU CAN DO IT.


Photoshop is not just about hiding wrinkles and editing vacation photos. You can use it to create designs that businesses around the world need! Start right now and gain a life skill that you can depend on. I’ll take you through everything, step by step.

– Chris Barin, read more about me here

I won’t teach you

  • digital painting;
  • advanced beauty retouching;
  • how to draw;
  • compositing;
  • BS theory;
  • outdated design techniques;
  • photography;
  • useless Photoshop tools;
  • Photoshop Elements;
  • Photoshop for iPad;
  • Lightroom;

“Everything you’ll learn has real world use. It’s all about using Photoshop

to create a living out of it. Start creating valuable content right now!”

gain confidence in yourself

You can create awesome stuff. It's hard work, not talent, and you can do it!

Before I got into learning this course, I was intimidated by the idea of learning something so intuitive and intricate as Photoshop. No kidding, I was almost beaten down by the idea that I would never be able to learn this, mostly due to lack of motivation and the wrong approach in the past.


But these particular tutorials not only make it fun and easy to understand the concepts of Photoshop, but also challenge the learner to invest their time in practicing the various tools and methods taught here. I am more that determined to finish this as soon as I can so that I can work on Professional Projects in the Future. Cheers !

Kedar Rao

You’ve been an amazing teacher! Before I started this lecture I had tried to figure out photoshop on my own and with the help of some youtube videos. Needless to say that although I did, in fact, made some kind of progress, I lacked direction, technique and most of all the line of thought behind creating the result I wanted. Thank you for giving me just that. I had an amazing time working on all the exercises.

Athina Stamelou

Congrats for the great way of teaching Chris! I really appreciate that you are doing real life projects in a real time and also how you showed me the real communication with your client! That’s a propper teacher! Thank you indeed and I hope soon to be as skillful as you are! I guess with practicing and patience we will be more faster and precise! All the best to you

Zhivko Dimitrov

This instructor doesn’t leave stones unturned on how to become a freelance web designer. He’s really thorough on strategies and techniques used and it’s fantastic!

Eddy Wiryawan

This is fantastic, anyone who is serious about web design must try this course, he has given various tips and tricks, explore every hooks and corner of web design to shorten your learning curve. Plus the new update – Three pillar of web design part is like cheery on top. Chris is great teacher, thank you.

Amit Saroj

This is a great course that I totally recommend. When I started it I had very little knowledge of Photoshop, I was confusing many notions and I was quite scared of the magnitude of tools, features and things one can do in Photoshop. I followed all the lectures patiently, worked along, did the exercises and after more than 14 hours of content I can say I have a very good basis to move in any direction I want to specialize in: app design, photo retouching, digital painting etc. And finally, I’m not scared of Photoshop anymore; it’s just a tool and I can now easily understand and improve my knowledge of it

Irina Cretu

Amazing course. Cris’ attention to detail, both in his designs and the content of this course, is incredible. The amount of tips and advice given throughout is unbelievably helpful to aspiring web designers and Cris’ mindset is inspiring and provides valuable direction into the mentality needed to succeed in such a competitive space.

Andrew Robinson

unique content & awesome resources

Get access to unique content & valueable resources that you can use in your own projects


Create designs that sell

You can help businesses from all over the world make more money through your designs.

Stand out with a modern portfolio

As a designer, a portfolio is a must! Make sure you make a great impression by following this course and setting up a solid portfolio with awesome designs.

300+ Premium PSDs worth $299

Use all these resources to jump-start your own projects. Free for commercial use!

Certificate of competition

After you go through the exercises and you send in your own work, you'll get a diploma. More than that, you'll have a life skill that you can depend on.

Gain access to a great community

Over 10,000 people are on my Discord chat and we constantly talk about Photoshop, designing, and monetizing our skills.

Too many things to cover ...

The course is amazing. I can't put it any other way. You get incredible value for your money.
You need access to this course.

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All Resources

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The course is 100% online and it starts whenever you want. You have unlimited access and you go through it at your own pace. You’re not allowed to download the videos, but you can watch them from any device that has internet. Learn from anywhere!

You might find free Photoshop courses or cheaper ones, but the main difference here is direct access to me, Chris Barin, certified Photoshop expert, Adobe certified instructor, web & app designer, entrepreneur, successful freelancer, best selling author, and notoriously handsome.

Yes, you will get a certificate after you watch all the lectures, but more importantly you will have a portfolio and skills so you can nail any job interview.

Photoshop is not included. There’s a lecture at the beginning of the course that guides you through the process but here’s the ultra-short version: go to and buy the Photography plan that starts at $10/month (price varies depending on your country). You also have a 7 day trial.

Needing help is totally fine. Use the live chat option that’s always available on this page or email me (you will get my address after you purchase the course). I can also help you through Skype, AnyDesk, Google Hangout or whatever platform you prefer.

Less than $2/hour for the best Photoshop training with instant help via live chat from an Adobe certified instructor & best selling author.